Fresher Party 2018 celebrations at Anand College of Pharmacy

Dr. Kashmira J. Gohil, Dean, Anand College of Pharmacy addressed all students to enjoy the function emphasizing the need for Discipline and Punctuality as an integral part of students lives and that students need to learn college life with the emphasis that ACP is committed towards their students growth and excellent training in order to cater to the growing demands of the industry. Students participated in various cultural performances (such as rampwalk, dance, song, drama etc). Devanshi, Shivangi, Shalini, Ruchi, Navratan, Rishab ( B.Pharm, 1st year), Shubhi, Kajal, Shruti (D.Pharm, 1st year), along with Ibhya & Twinkle (2nd year) put forward wonderful dance performances. Kajal, Shoaib Malik, Honey Saxena ( B.Pharm, 1st year), Yagas Anand & Lakshmikant ( D.Pharm, 1st year) created the atmosphere with their melodious singing performances. The program ended with the freshers introduction, Mr & Ms. Freshers competition and the cake cutting ceremony. Devanshi Jaiswal and Ayush Agarwal were chosen as the “Ms. And Mr. fresher” 2018, from B.Pharm 1st Year. Shruti Sharma and Yagyas Anand were chosen as the “Ms. And Mr. fresher” 2018, from D.Pharm 1st Year. The whole event were co-ordinated and managed by Cultural Co-ordinators: 1) Dr. Monika Singh and 2) Mrs. Preeti Solanki, 3) Dr. Deepali Pandey and 4) Ms Roopal Singh; along with PG Co-ordinators: 1) Dr. Pankaj Verma and 2) Mr. Gurvinder Pal Singh.