Blood Donation Camp

Blood Donation Camp
Blood Donation Camp

Hindustan Institute of Management and Computer Studies organized a blood donation camp courtesy the “Prarambh Welfare Society”.

The camp was inaugurated by Dr. Naveen Gupta (Director, HIMCS). After this, other teachers and students also donated blood.  Addressing the students on this occasion, Dr. Naveen Gupta said that "H.I.M.C.S. Has organized this blood donation camp so that it can reach those who need blood. "  The students were very enthusiastic in this pious work for humanity. Some students donated blood for the first time in the life.

The Institute's Deputy Registrar Mr. Kapil Chaudhary said that "Every person should donate blood time to time so that it can be available to any needy in an emergency."

According to student Damini Sanger (M.B.A. 2nd year), "Social work organized by H.I.M.C.S. Has been a tradition its tradition.This encourage students to fulfill their social responsibilities along with studies. "

According to student Ku Rashmi Yadav (M.B.A. first year) “This camp has removed the fear related to blood donation within us. Now I will not hesitate to donate blood for my family or any other person when the time comes”.

On this occasion, the camp was coordinated by Dr. Sheetal Sachdeva, While the students, Akshay, Ayushi, Vishal, Aishwarya, Yashi, Davar, Rudra, etc. took over the management of the camp. On this occasion, Prateek, Trupti, Rishita, Ilavarshi and Himanshu etc. donated blood. About 90 healthy units of blood were donated.

Prior to blood donation, Dr. S.K. Kashyap and Dr. Ramesh Chandra Deorani- MD Pathology did all the necessary tests of all donors so that only the right and healthy person can donate blood. Shri Ankur Gautam of the Prarambh Welfare Society has a special contribution in this event. Kuldeep Singh and Nishant Aggarwal presented gifts to blood donors from HDFC Bank, Agra.