Case Writing Workshop

HIMCS campus hosted Prof Salma Ahmad for a 2 days case writing workshop for students to facilitate learning and provide wider exposure on the area. We strongly believe management scholars has much more to deliver rather than a traditional student and we continuously engage in identifying opportunities with experts in diversified areas of work to share learning moments with students.

The 2 days’ workshop was specifically designed for students and student of both years enjoyed the learning with Prof. Salma. The workshop was carefully designed to develop upon the holistic understanding of cases for management students and its application, analysis and interpretation along with complexities of writing a case. The purpose varies from enhancing application based learning to sensitization and simulation to wider dissemination of an event but truly a good tool to practice upon.

Apart from the classroom learning setup for case writing the participants were taken to live situation at SOS Agra where participants and Prof Salma interacted with the project volunteers to learn more about the project and engage directly with the team to develop cases on the project. Prof Salma appreciated the members of Project SOS, volunteers and students and expressed her wishes to the team and participants to help them in the project as well as in writing the cases on the project.

The workshop was also attended by 50 students of class XI and XII, Sri Ram Centennial School, Agra and Prof Salma appreciated the enthusiasm and level of engagement of the students during the workshop ,which amazed everyone.