Data Science: Latest Trend in IT

We and you are part of a world where tons of data are being released in a day.In such a situation, there is a demand for a large number of data scientists, who should contribute significantly in organizing the data with their skills.From banks to e-commerce firms, pharmaceutical industry and many other industries, data is being used every day to speed up business.In such a situation, the increasing demand of professionals in this field is not a surprise. So, it can be said that in today's era, Data Scientist has emerged as an attractive career option. Data science is an area where people with mathematics, statistics, and computer science works. They use technologies like machine learning, cluster analysis, data mining. According to the change of IT industries, changes in learning methods and courses have become a necessity today. Keeping this in mind, a one-day workshop was organized for students of MCA at the Hindustan Institute of Management and Computer

Studies on the topic "Data Science: The latest trend in IT". Inaugurating the workshop, Prof. (Dr.) Naveen Gupta (Director H.I.M.C.S.) told the students about the efforts to develop the industry interaction of Sharda Group and H.I.M.C.S and said that this workshop will take these efforts forward and give students something through it the knowledge which is not in their syllabus but it is very important in the industry.For this, he thanked Shri Saurabh Taneja of KVCH Pvt. Ltd., Noida, and his colleague Mr. Manish Kumar, who gave the students such important information about Data Science. The usefulness of this topic comes from the fact that their salary structure is also considered to be behind the increasing demand of data scientists. Here you can earn up to 80 lakhs annually. You can get an opportunity to show your skills as an Advanced Analytics and Optimization Consultant, Data Analytics and Data Manager or Scientist in various companies.

On this occasion, Shri NK Mishra (Head of Department - MCA) thanked all the present speakers wholeheartedly that they gave some of their busy time to the students of H.I.M.C.S. He also praised the teachers and students as patient audience. Mr. Akhilesh Chandra, Mr. Prashant Sharma and Mr. Vivek Pandey were present on this occasion.