Fresher Welcome 2019: Anand College of Pharmacy

A fresher’s welcome was organized by Anand College of Pharmacy on 7th September, 2019 for 1st year B.Pharm newcomers in Raman Hall,  Anand campus.    Students participated in various programs including Freshers introduction. Function was concluded with Mr & Ms. Freshers competition and the cake cutting ceremony.  ·Aradhana and Harshit Sachdeva were chosen as the “Ms. And Mr. fresher” 2019, from B.Pharm 1st Year.

Sakshi Gupta and Avnish Upadhayay were chosen as the  “Ms. And Mr. Spark” 2019, from B.Pharm 1st Year. The whole event was manged for good discipline by  Senior faculty members Mr. Gurvindar pal Singh and  Mrs. Shamshath Begum.  The event was coordinated and managed by Cultural Coordinators: 1) Dr. Monika Singh and 2) Mrs. Preeti Solanki and 3) Mr. Anirrudh Pratap Singh.