Hindustan College Celebrated International Student Day

The Literacy Society of Hindustan College of Science and Technology, a prestigious Institution of Sharda Group, celebrated International Students Day. Its purpose was to make people aware of student rights. This day is specially considered to provide basic facilities to poor students. The University Grants Commission (UGC) issued instructions to all universities to celebrate International Students Day in academic institutions. On this occasion, UGC gave suggestions to conduct various competitions like Debate, Essay Writing, Group Discussions etc. Main motive behind it is to get some good ideas or suggestions come to light, so that UGC know can include them in the course curriculum and in the new education policy, if any precious suggestion comes. In this sequence, the Literacy Society of Hindustan College organized a competition whose tagline was' ‘Every person is a child in himself’. On this occasion, two competitions were organized by the Literacy Society, in which the first competition was Essay Writing and the second was for Poetry Recitation. In this competition registration was free for the participants. The competition commenced with the welcome address of the Literacy Society's creative head, Miss Shruti Aggarwal, and Miss Shobita Sharma, Executive Vice President of the Society. The topic of the essay was 'Trolling Politics and Major Public Figures on Social Media has become a trend nowadays'. All the contestants were asked to present their views in 200 words in writing. The second competition started with the welcome note by Mr. Adam Siraj, the President of the Literacy Society. In this the participants had to recite a poem in three minutes composed by himself of written by somebody else. 34 students took part in first competition and 18 students participated in the second one. In essay writing competition, Shubhangi Chaturvedi stood first, Mr. Shikhar Singh held second position. The third prize was gone to Mr. Skund Srivastava. In the poetry competition, Miss Brahma Kumari Sharma of Chemical final year, got Ist prize. The student of Ist year Mr. Skund Srivastava won second and Mr. Manish Kumar Singh, student of Computer Science third year secured third position. Dr. Keshav Dev, Assistant Professor of the Department of Humanities, and Dr. Salim Ahamed of Mathematics Department played role as Jury members of the competition. After this, Dr. Mamta Sharma, Head of the Department of Humanities, Dr. Keshav Dev and Dr. Salim Ahmed addressed the participants for their success. At the end of the competition, vote of thanks were proposed by Mr. Adam Shiraj, President of Literacy Society. On this occasion, all the Deans, Head of the Departments, Faculty members and students of the college were present.