One Day Workshop on Stress Management

A one day workshop on Stress Management was organized at Hindustan College of Science and Technology, Executive Director of Sharda Group. Dr. D.G.Roy Chaudhary welcomed all the guests to the workshop and encouraged the students of all schools from Agra to participate in the workshop. Dr. Ritesh Bansal, MD, Physicians have talked about habits that will build a healthy physical body. He mentioned in this context that fast food which increases long-lasting cholesterol levels should certainly be avoided to the maximum extent possible. He advised the audience, especially all School and college students, to follow a planned and disciplined life to eat healthy food to avoid any ill health. He also advised not to neglect any disease for a long time Dr. Amarpreet Singh, MD, Psychiatry has started to introduce what mentality of human being and different false beliefs He encouraged a mentoring system that would have appropriate guidelines for growing adolescents to pursue their goals and be physically and mentally healthy. He also discussed various causes of stress, answered the questions asked about the management of stress. due to which all the students and teachers Were satisfied. He talked about Nomo phobia and net addiction. He also advised the students to read healthy books. Dr. M .C . Sharma Acupressure specialist talked about the different pressures in the human body, and advised the audience to follow the old science & traditions of India. Such as - respecting the elder in the family, taking blessings from them and living in harmony, take healthy food instead of fast food. He gave advice and refreshed the memory of all the students, saying “Early to bed and early to rise, Make a man healthy wealthy and wise”. A quiz was organized at the end of the workshop students of Desh Deepak College, Suraj Govind Inter College, Balaji Girls Inter College from Agra, participated in. quiz. Which was conducted by Ms Sanjana, Mr.Sachin Srivastava of Computer Science Department and Ms Shivi from Department of Biotech. The workshop was successfully conducted by Dr. Archana Gautam, Assistant Professor, department of Humanities. On this occasion Medical officer Dr. S.K. SK Kasyap, Controller of Examinations Dr. RK Tiwari, Mr. Anurag Vajpayee, Dr. Hari Pathak, Mr. Shankar Thakar, Dr. Mukti Pandey Dr. Keshav Dev, Mr. Mukund Lal, Mr. Saket Bihari, Dr. Pramod Kumar, Dr. Vinod Kushwaha, Dr. Dr. Sanjeev Kumar,Dr. Nishant Singh, all teachers and students - students of Hindustan college were present.