Seminar on Importance of Intellectual Property Rights in Entrepreneurship and Startup

One day seminar on 'Importance of Intellectual Property Rights in Entrepreneurship and Startup' was organized at Hindustan College of Science and Technology, a prestigious institute of Sharda Group. The chief guest of the program was Dr. H.P.Kumar, former chairman N.S.I.C, and Special Guest of the program are Mr. T. R. Sharma, Director, M.S.M.E, Agra and Shri Mithilesh Kumar, Joint Secretary, P.H.D.C.C.I . Director of Hindustan collage, Rajeev Kumar Upadhyay, welcomed the, the chief guest and the special guests of the program. He also expressed the gratitude to the chief guest. He motivated the students to make their mark at national and international level through entrepreneurship and startup.

The chief guest of the seminar, Dr. H.P. Kumar said in his address that unless the intellectual property is not commercial, it will not be of any use. Hence commercial use of intellectual property is necessary. He said that 95 percent, There is no commercial use of intellectual property rights so that it is useless for the society. Only 5 percent of intellectual property is used for social welfare. He further said that in every college and university, the facility and opportunities for entrepreneurship development should be available to the students. The Director of MSME, Shri T. R. Sharma Provided the information about how to get fund from MSME for intellectual property rights . He said that the amount of one lakh rupees for patents in the country and 5 lakh rupees for patents globally, is provided through MSME. Mr. Mithilesh Kumar, Joint Secretary said that technical institutes and students can use intellectual property rights to preserve their research work and creativity. All of you should develop the smallest technology for social welfare and get it patented. Subject expert Nishi Shabana provided a brief overview of intellectual property rights. She told that intellectual property is mainly of five types. He showed the trademarks of some companies along to the students and said that we did not know the language of each country but by looking at these trademarks, we could identify what goods are available here. She presented examples of Mac Donald, Nestle, Amul etc. Mr. Gaurav Gogia. Explained the importance of IPR and mentioned that the patent is the most important and told about the patent law copy right, trade mark. He told that the validity of the patent is up to 20 years. The validity of a design is 16 years, the validity of copy right, 60 years and the validity of trade mark is uncertain. .

He told that no business idea can be patented. He said that the owner of Amazon is the richest person in the world now, because he has established his trademark which is protected under Buddhist property rights. The program was organized by Sanjana Pradhan, student of Electronics and Communication Department and Tanya Pachauri, third year student of Biotech Department. At the end of the seminar, the convener of the program and head of the IIIP department, Dr. TSS Senthil proposed a vote of thanks.