The final year students of MBA and MCA have organized Talent Hunt- an annual event to facilitate welcoming first year students. The event was conceived and designed with the purpose to facilitate identification, purposeful engagement and building a wider perspective for students of first year. The pre-event activities revolved around various activities to identify promising talents in areas of Science and Technology, Arts and Culture, Social development and Professional skills.

The Talent Hunt final rounds of continuing activities viz. Personality, Intellect, Orator, Writer, Innovator, Music and Art has been witnessed and judged by various domain experts and thoroughly enjoyed by all including Dr Naveen Gupta- Director of the institute, other Faculty members, Guests, students and participants.Dr Naveen Gupta emphasized on thinking and developing solutions for emerging problems and endeavors to strive towards becoming a positive responsible professionals and citizens of the nation along with contributing towards delivering solutions through acquired learning’s in their chosen discipline of knowledge.

The first year students extend their sincere appreciations to their senior batch for the wonderful platform and encouragement to feel a different exposure. The week long event ended with lots of awards, appreciations and enjoyment won by various first year TALENTS in diverse areas. Mr Akshay Pundhir , Mr Abhay Sharma, Mr Adarsh Choudhary, Mr Utkarsh Jain, Ms Rashmi Yadav, Mr Sooraj Chandola along with various students under different categories were awarded for their outstanding TALENTS.