WORLD PHARMACISTS DAY (25th September) Celebrations of 3 days in Anand College of Pharmacy

Students of Anand College of Pharmacy (SGI) celebrated “World Pharmacist Day” from 23rd to 27th September, 2019 with Awareness rally, Health awareness program at various schools of Agra, poster presentations, Powerpoint presentations, Enterpreneurship and Innovation Idea competition, slogan writing competition and rangoli making competition.

On 23rd September 2019, Awareness campaign at various schools & rally were organized in two different teams. Team 1 comprise of faculty Coordinators Mrs. Shamshath Begum (Asst. Prof.) and Dr. Monika Singh (Asst. Prof.) along with three student volunteers went there to create awareness regarding “Saftey of Medicines” as well as for diseases in School Children of nearby rural areas like Bai Pur Road, Jaupura Village, and Industrial area. Three student Coordinators Arshad Khan (B.Pharm, 4th year), Abhinav Anubhav Khan (B.Pharm, 4th year) and Volunteer Rohit Verma (B.Pharm, 3rd year) went to Shemford Futuristic School at Jaupura Village, Shri.R.S. Public School at Baipur road and Children Progressive Inter College at Industrial Area.

They explained various aspect regarding dose, precautions and its dosage regimen. Continuing this Awareness campaign as social responsibility, Team 2 faculty Coordinators Dr. Pravin Gupta (Asst. Prof.) and Mr. Aniruddh Pratap Singh (Asst. Prof.) joined the students in this Awareness program as well as rally, which started from Sun Lords Public School at Lohakarera Village. Student Coordinator Deepak Mittal (B.Pharm, 4th year), lead the rally. In this campaign students of B.Pharm and D.Pharm gave information about diseases, prevention and their treatment for dengue fever, Swine flu etc from class 5 to class 12th students gathering in the ground. A student team of Ayush Agarwal (B.Pharm, 2nd year) presented the NUKKAD NATAK related to the theme “Safe and effective medicines for all”.

On 24th September 2019, AWARENESS rally was organized by students of Anand College of Pharmacy, Agra at Anand Campus from 12:00noon to 12:30p.m. On 25th September 2019, After prayer and lamp lightning, Dean, Anand College of Pharmacy Dr. Kashmira J. Gohil, addressed all the students as budding, upcoming pharmacist of college and delivered the Pharmacist day message conveying that the safety and pharmacovigilance for medicine is the need of the hour especially in India. The Pharmacists need to utilize this noble opportunity to serve the community by using technological skill to their best of the abilities with right balance of ‘C’s-care, caution, compassion and compliance for self growth as well as community, as the science and technology alone, can not take away all the ills of mankind, was the gist of the message, after elaborating on the theme ‘Safe and effective medicines for all’. Dr. D.G. Roy Chaudhary (Executive Director – SGI) also addressed the audience about role of Pharmacists, that they provide optimal management of medication for chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, hypertension, etc.

The collaboration of healthcare professionals, such as physicians and pharmacists, can help to ensure that patients properly take their medications as prescribed and avoid any harmful effects. In First early morning session, on the same day, Students expressed their creative ideas through posters, slogans and rangoli making. Slogan competition was judged by Dr. Pankaj Mittal (Asst.Prof., AEC) and Mr. Gurvinder Pal Singh (Asst. Prof., ACP). Poster Competition was judged by Dr. Rachna Khurana (Asst.Prof., AEC) and Mrs. Shamshad Begum (Asst. Prof., ACP). Rangoli Making Competition was judged by Dr. Vinay Jadon (Asst. Prof., AEC) and Mr. Vikas Sharma (Asst. Prof., ACP). On 27th September 2019, World Pharmacist day celebrations was continued after 2:00 pm at Raman Hall with two remaining competitions. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Idea competition was judged by Dr. Prakash Kumar (Asst.Prof., Biotech AEC) and Dr. Rekha T Rajput (Asso. Prof., ACP). Poster Competition was judged by Mr. Pramod Gwari (Asst. Prof., Biotech AEC) and Dr. Monika Singh (Asst. Prof., ACP). The Winners of B.Pharm and D.Pharm were awarded Trophies and certificates by Dr. K.J. Gohil, Dean, ACP. ·

Slogan competition was won by Md. Arshad Khan (4th Year B.Pharm) who secured first, Akshit Thakur (1st Year B.Pharm) secured second and Ansh Gupta (1st Year B.Pharm) secured third place. In D.Pharm, 1st winner was Ashish Upadhayay (1st Year), Yagyas Anand (2nd year) secured second and Sachin Kumar (1st Year) secured third place. · The first prize of the poster presentation won by Kamana Gain (4th Year B. Pharm), second prize to Dushyant Singh (2nd Year Biotech B. Tech) as well as Aman Gupta (1st Year B. Pharm) and third prize to Manish Kumar (4th Year B. Pharm) and Kunika Gupta (4th Year B. Pharm). In D.Pharm, 1st winner was Yagyas Anand (2nd year), Ravi Kumar Gola (1st Year) secured second and Km. Anupam (1st Year) secured third place. · In Rangoli Making completion Manish Kumar - Ashish Sharma (4th Year B.Pharm) stood first, Ruchi Bhagel - Shalini Sharma (2nd Year B. Pharm) second and third by Milee Srivastav-Rashmai (3rd Year B.Tech BioTech). In D.Pharm, Vivek Kumar - Tapan Kumar (1st Year) stood first, Abhishek - Ashish Upadhayay (1st Year) secured second and Diksha Singh-Kirti Bhagel (1st Year) secured third place. · First prize of the Entrepreneur and Innovation Idea competition won by Harshit Sachdeva (1st Year B.Pharm), second prize to Narendra Singh Rawat (1st Year B.Pharm) and third prize to Kaushlendra Maurya (4th Year B.Pharm). · In Powerpoint presentation competition Ashish Sharma (4th Year B. Pharm)as well as Utsav Sharma (1st Year D.Pharm) stood first, Harshit Sachdeva (1st Year B. Pharm) got second and Aman Rai (4th Year B. Pharm) got third position. ·

The student coordinators of the event were Deepak Mittal (4th year B.Pharm), Arshad Khan (4th year B.Pharm) and Abhinav Anubhav (4th year B.Pharm). · The faculty coordinators of the event were Dr. Monika Singh (Asst.Prof.), Ms. Preeti Solanki (Asst.Prof.) and Mr. Anirrudh Pratap Singh (Asst.Prof.). All Student and Faculty coordinators were also honored in the event. · Dr. Rekha T Rajput (Asso.Prof.) and Mr. Gurvinder Pal Singh (Asst.Prof.) were Discipline coordinators of the World Pharmacist Day celebration.